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Minecraft: A Letter to Mojang

Dear Mojang Team,

My name is Rich Klina and I am a 3/4 grade public school teacher within Brookline, Ma.

It did not take long to discover that nearly all 30 students in my program are avid Minecraft fans. With this in mind, I have developed a curriculum around the Mojang hit game, Minecraft. I ordered thousands of 1 inch wooden cubes (and will continue to order more if needed) and created sticker templates in PSD. The children will be introduced to new textures each meeting and “craft” cubes with the printed sticker templates. During this process the children will start by building different biomes as they craft their cubes, followed by man/female made stuctures and so on… This project will continue throughout the entire year. We are only several hundred cubes in and the project looks fantastic!

With parents/school permission, I would love to offer you photos and documentation of the project if you desired to display on your website.

I was wondering if Mojang would be interested in sending the children a “care package.” Simply with some simple merchandise, stickers, keychains, ect… I think they would be absolutely ecstatic if they knew Mojang had their back and was aware of their project.

If anything like this is a possibility I can send you a school address to ship the package too.

Thank you so much in advance and keep up the good work. The children have never been more excited about school!


For more information about the project -> Minecraft in School

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