Master Chief Halo Cake

This is not your grave, but you are welcome to the calories.

My first memory with Combat Evolved had nothing to do with the game. It was more of an introduction to the once new system Microsoft designed, called the Xbox. I remember holding that massive Xbox controller thinking, I made a mistake. I wasn’t interested in researching systems before I bought them at that age. I had no expectations of Xbox or Halo: Combat Evolved. Little did I know I was venturing into a whole new world.

This was not just another video game; it was an experience that on a higher difficulty level, one does not just play, one survives. The story is well-planned and well-paced, the weapons are oh-so-cool, the digital surround adds real depth (online challengers do not stand a chance), the music is stirring and epic, and the graphics are simply jaw-dropping. Nothing I’ve played in the past year has put these essential components together quite like Bungie Studios has with Halo: Combat Evolved. Single player missions are a blast! The game made me feel as if I were a super-soldier fighting an alien menace on a strange artificial ring-world in the middle of who-knows-where.

Anyone with broadband access could use GameSpy Arcade, download the necessary components, cheaply purchase extra equipment, and go online. Multiplayer separates the kids from the adults more than any other console game I have EVER played. To survive, one must be strategic, yet ruthless. It is crucial to remember level layouts, know how to hide, know how to shoot accurately, and know how to move effectively.

Oh, and as far as local coop, use the biggest room to link up 4 XBoxes for 16-player deathmatches (one catch, every ‘Box has to have its own TV). Trust me, nothing brings friends together like 8-on-8 Team Combat.

Get back in the fight with Halo: The Master Chief Collection.


The Cake Credit goes to Mike’s Amazing Cakes

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